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Associate Editor  - Journal of Philanthropy and Marketing

Project manager - European Research Network on Philanthropy (ERNOP)

Subject Specialist: Crowdfunding, donation behaviour and fundraising

Dr Claire van Teunenbroek is a postdoctoral researcher at the Center for Philanthropic Studies, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. She specialises in giving behaviour by households, combining insights from social psychology and behavioural economics. Connected to the Giving in the Netherlands project, she researches new ways of giving, like philanthropic crowdfunding. In 2021, she won the ARNOVA outstanding dissertation award. Claire is also the project manager at European Research Network on Philanthropy (ERNOP), which focuses on advancing philanthropic research in Europe.


Research focus. As a postdoctoral researcher studying donation behaviour such as crowdfunding (Center for Philanthropic Studies, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam), I take pride in the quality of my research, engaged scholarship and open science. Crowdfunding is an online donation method that is often applied by practitioners (for instance, within the culture sector), but not always successfully. It is used by private individuals, organisations, charities and cultural institutions, for example, to support refugees of the Ukrainian war. I focus on studying donation and reward-based motives for starting and giving to philanthropic crowdfunding (e.g. Kickstarter, Voordekunst and IndieGogo). I combine insights from marketing, social psychology, behavioural economics and philanthropy. My mission is to help the field that is focused on crowdfunding mature by providing a theoretical framework to explain and predict giving via crowdfunding, while also supporting practitioners who aim to use crowdfunding.


Academic potential. The combination of my publishing with interdisciplinary authors, solid mission-oriented focus and collaborating with societal stakeholders adds to the quality and merits of my studies. I aim to develop innovative research that supports my academic field and practitioners (e.g. charities, foundations and organisations). My academic potential is reflected in my collaborations with academics from other universities (University of Adger, Norway; Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Netherlands and Leuphana University Lüneburg, Germany), departments (Organization Sciences and Sociology) and faculties (Faculty of Science). Thus, I have developed my own research line, independent from my previous promotors, that focuses on crowdfunding.


(Inter)national network. By engaging with my field, I can collect information on societal challenges and connect it to academic research gaps. My role as the senior project manager at the European Research Network on Philanthropy (ERNOP) further supports this. This position provides me with an elaborate network of European academics and practical experts. Via ERNOP, I work with a network of around 250 researchers from 25 European countries. The position provides me with knowledge of philanthropy's diverse nature and scope and valuable feedback from practice. I use input from ERNOP's societal partners to guide my research, ensuring it focuses on promising developments for practitioners from an academic perspective. My position as an associate editor for the Journal of Philanthropy and Marketing (JPM) provides me with a broad worldwide network. The journal provides a forum for those interested in the interface between marketing and philanthropy. I collaborate with researchers from Asia, Africa, America and Europe, focusing on engaged scholarship and societal impact.


Societal impact. As a researcher at Giving in the Netherlands, I developed strong connections with societal partners and government agencies for both collaborations (e.g. guiding expert groups) and applying insights (i.e. societal impact via formal media, blogs, workshops and lectures). My postdoc position is part of a project supported by the Dutch Ministry of Justice and Security (€250,000) and several organisations in the Netherlands (€250,000); I myself was a co-applicant for this funding. Additionally, I have worked and work on projects funded by industry (e.g. €4,500, Stichting Collecteplan; €1,400, Nexios). For instance, for Stichting Collecteplan, I wrote a report providing the non-profit sector with theory to predict giving behaviour that was supported by high-quality data. For Nexios, I wrote a series on outputs 3 and 6. This was done through a collaboration that combined my theoretical insights and the practical expertise of Nexios.


I advise a large number of organisations seeking to design crowdfunding campaigns. The insights from my dissertation (output 3) are currently being applied in many contexts (e.g. output 9) including by charities, crowdfunding platforms and private individuals. I have presented output 3 in practical seminars, board meetings and webinars. Moreover, I am an advisor for the CBF, The Netherlands Fundraising Regulator, contributing to the development of policies for the use of crowdfunding. My chapter written for ‘Geven in Nederland’ (output 6) is used by policymakers at several Dutch and Belgian charities. For the Veni proposal, three major platforms have indicated their desire to function as societal partners providing high-quality and real-life data (Voordekunst, Kentaa and Charistar B.V.).


Leadership and supervision. I focus on science communication and have experience giving workshops for scientists of the NWO (e.g. NWO Bessensap and NWO Life) and at conferences (e.g. ERNOP) and other universities (e.g. Erasmus University Rotterdam). My teaching experience spans different departments (Sociology, Organisation Sciences, Science Business and Innovation and the School of Governance), levels (bachelors, masters and PhDs) and courses (thesis supervision and coordinating courses). Last year, I supervised a group of PhD students during the tenth ERNOP conference. As a project manager, I host board meetings and lead a team of academics, for instance, developing webinars and co-organising research projects. As an associate editor, I supervise a team of student assistants and collaborate with other editors internationally.

Academic qualification

Sociology , PhD, Lots of people give me money: towards a comprehensive understanding of social information effects , Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Award Date: 19 Nov 2020


  • H Social Sciences
  • crowdfunding
  • philanthropy
  • social norms
  • donation behavior
  • social information

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