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Dr. Erin La Cour holds a PhD from the Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis, with a thesis entitled “The ‘Graphic Novel’: Discourses on the Archive” (2013). She was project advisor for the sequential art exhibition “Black or White” (Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven, 2013), is a member of the Nordic Network for Comics Research, is a former editor of the Scandinavian Journal of Comic Art, and is currently a book review editor for Early Popular Visual Culture and faculty advisor for the creative writing and experimental image/text journal Expanded Field. She is also the co-founder and co-director of Amsterdam Comics, and has published a co-edited anthology, Comics and Power: Representing and Questioning Culture, Subjects, and Communities (Cambridge Scholars, 2015), and a co-edited volume of Image [&] Narrative, “Comics in Art/Art in Comics” (2016). Her current research focuses on both the intermediality and mediality of comics in several socio-historical cultural milieux. Her most recent publications on these topics include “Comics as a Minor Literature” (Image [&] Narrative, 2016), “Social Abstraction: Toward Exhibiting Comics as Comics” (UP Liége, 2017), and Above, Below, Between: The “Graphic Novel” in Literature and Art (Palgrave Macmillan, forthcoming 2019).


Dr. Erin La Cour teaches in the BA program Literature and Society, the MA program Literature in a Visual Culture, and the RMA in Literary Studies. She is also the faculty advisor for the creative writing and experimental image/text journal Expanded Field.

BA Courses:

  • Creative Writing
  • Creative Writing and the Publishing Industry
  • Digital Literary Studies
  • Introduction to American Studies

(R)MA Courses:

  • The Graphic Novel
  • Contested Spaces

She also supervises theses on all levels, and is particular interested in projects about comics, image/texts, (inter)mediality, and adaptation.

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