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Fabienne Krywuczky is a PhD candidate conducting research on consumer decisions related to plastic surgery. Her supervisors are prof. Mirella Kleijnen, dr. Michail Kokkoris and dr. Kobe Millet. 


Overview of Research

Traditionally, surgery is understood as a service necessary to cure patients. With the rise of plastic surgery, these dynamics are changing. Instead of undergoing the surgery that is chosen by a medical expert, people often make their own decisions about whether and what type of surgery to undergo. This shift in decision power highlights the importance of understanding this service from an individual’s point of view. Being trained in psychology and decision making, I investigate people’s judgments and decisions about plastic surgery 

Plastic surgery can be broadly categorized into two subtypes: reconstructive and cosmetic. Reconstructive surgery is focused on repairing or restoring the functioning and appearance of a body part that has been damaged due to injury, disease, or congenital abnormalities. Cosmetic surgery, on the other hand, is primarily focused on improving the appearance of a person. In my research I investigate the individuals’ decision making and experiences in both of these types. 


Project 1:
Reconstructive Surgery: Women's perspective on breast reconstruction following breast cancer
- In collaboration with Kobe Millet and Jiska Eelen

When a woman undergoes surgery to remove part of her breast to survive breast cancer, she is faced with a significant decision: should she undergo breast reconstruction, and if so, which type of reconstruction should she choose? Currently, women have the option of using their own tissue, taken from another part of their body, or synthetic implants to restore their breasts. Breast reconstruction is a crucial part of a woman's recovery process following breast cancer. My research aims to explore women's experiences with breast reconstruction, with the ultimate goal of helping healthcare providers better understand patients' needs and provide improved care.

To achieve this goal, I conduct online surveys as well as interviews with patients facing a decision about breast reconstruction or those who have overcome breast reconstruction, as well as surgeons who specialize in the procedure.

Call to action: If you are a breast cancer patient or a healthcare provider working in the field of breast reconstruction and interested in sharing your insights, please feel free to contact me via f.krywuczky@vu.nl


Project 2:
Cosmetic Surgery: Consumer perceptions of cosmetic surgeries
- In collaboration with Kobe Millet, Mirella Kleijnen and Michail Kokkoris.

For those seeking cosmetic surgery, it can enhance their physical appearance, boost their self-confidence, and may positively impact their mental health, social interactions and overal quality of life. In my second research project, I investigate how consumers perceive the treatment characteristics of different cosmetic procedures and how these may ultimately influence their own decision-making as well as judgment of other consumers who choose these treatments. 

As part of this project, I want to share my insights on the consumer perspective with service providers (e.g., surgeons and managers), and understand how these may change how they think and/or act towards consumers who are considering having cosmetic surgery.

Call to action: If you are a plastic surgeon performing aesthetic/cosmetic surgery or have a managing position in the field of cosmetic surgery and are willing to share your perspective, please feel free to get in touch with me via f.krywuczky@vu.nl.



  • Judgment and Decision Making (Minor Course)
  • Consumer Behavior (BSc Economics and Business Economics)
  • Cross-Cultural Marketing (BSc International Business Administration)

Other activities, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

  • Lab Coordinator of the Research Participation Project


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Academic qualification

Research Master in Business in Society: Business and Management (joint degree), Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam


Bachelor in Psychology (Honours), Universiteit Twente

1 Sept 20161 Sept 2019

Minor: Judgment and Decision Making, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

1 Sept 20181 Feb 2019


  • BF Psychology
  • identity
  • consumer well-being
  • H Social Sciences (General)
  • consumer behavior


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