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Josine first joined the VU Amsterdam in 2016 as a student of the research master Business in Society (MPhil), resulting in a joint degree from the University of Amsterdam and the VU Amsterdam. Being already involved in a number of exciting research projects at the Management and Organization department of the VU, she started as a PhD candidate in September 2018.

Being engaged with research in the fields of Corporate Social Responsibility, Organizational Behavior and HRM, her studies are aimed at illuminating the interaction between organizations and employees in the creation of sustainable organizations. Moreover, an important focus of her research is how CSR enables meaningful work for employees.

Her research has been presented at the Academy of Management Conference in Boston (2019), the Corporate Social Responsibility Research conference in Sevilla (2016), and a number of smaller scale research seminars, including the Business and Society Seminar in Amsterdam (2018). Furthermore, she takes part in the organization of events and research visits at the VU Center for Meaningful Work (such as the 3rd International Symposium on Meaningful Work in June 2017). 

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