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Natalja Laurey is a Phd Candidate at the KIN research group at the VU University of Amsterdam. She holds a 2-year MSc degree in Social Research (Anthropology & Organization Science, cum laude) at the VU University of Amsterdam and obtained a BSc degree in Cultural Anthropology (cum laude) at the University of Amsterdam. For her Phd research (NWO funded, 4 years) Natalja explores creativity and innovation in the digital age for which she conducts two longitudinal qualitative case studies. First, she did an (14 months+) ethnography at a design and innovation consultancy (Spain) to analyze the potential rise of a new profession (a digital service designer) as a consequence of the latest trend of traditional service organizations to acquire small digital creative firms. In her second case study, she combines diverse qualitative methods to explore how an innovation agency (the Netherlands) offers 'creativity as a service' to other organizations, strongly drawing on the concept of liminality. Natalja’s work is accepted at various international conferences and workshops (OS Special Issue Workshop 2015, OLKC 2016, EGOS 2016, PROS 2017, AOM 2017) and also for conference proceedings (AOM 2017).


  • Creativity & Creative Practices
  • Emergence of  Occupations (Service Design)
  • Organizing for digital innovation
  • Ethnography
  • Ambiguity and liminality

Prizes and Awards

Her work deserved various awards, nominations and fundings: Best Reviewer award (AOM, TIM, 2015), nomination Best Paper award (AOM, TIM, 2017), nomination Best Student Paper award (AOM, TIM, 2017), and she received the Young Talent Award and Funding (Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, 2017).  


  • Advanced Business Research Methods I + II, Qualitative (Bachelor)
  • Business Research Methods (Bachelor)
  • Research Seminar II, Qualitative (Master)
  • Thesis supervision (Bachelor, Pre-master)
  • Digital Innovation Lab (Bachelor)
  • Tutoring (Bachelor)

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Research Output 2015 2017

  • 3 Paper
  • 1 Conference contribution