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Rébecca is a PhD candidate as part of the research project  ‘EUROMIX: Regulating Mixed Intimacies in Europe’ by Professor Betty de Hart. This project involves a study of the regulation of ‘mixture’ (‘interracial’ sex, relationships and marriage) in Europe’s past and present.  It explores if, when, how and why forms of regulation aiming to prevent or restrict ‘interracial mixture’ developed in Europe. The project contributes to the genealogy of racial thinking in Europe.  Rébecca looks specifically at the regulation of interracialized intimacies in France during the time of decolonization of French West Africa. She is interested in what these regulations reveal about how constellations of race, gender, and sex has functioned historically in the (re)production of the French nation.


Prior to starting her PhD, she completed a Msc in Social Policy and Development with distinction at the London School of Economics, during which she won the Titmuss prize for her thesis on sexual minority asylum seekers in the Dutch asylum process. She completed a hon. Ba and Bsc in the Liberal Arts and Sciences at Amsterdam University College, where she graduated summa cum laude and received a 'thesis of distinction' prize for her thesis.







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Liberal Arts and Sciences, Bachelor, Amsterdam University College

Social Policy, Master, London School of Economics