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I teach classes on Mesopotamian culture and history, as well as introductory and advanced seminars on Akkadian.

My research focus is on the Old Babylonian period, which is basically the history of the Middle East between ca. 2000 and 1600 BCE.

Within this period I am interested in:

-the transition from the Ur III to the Old Babylonian period and the social changes it brought

-the Mari archives

-the Amorites

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Newspaper articles

  1. “Ook de kennis over Iraks erfgoed is straks verloren”, Trouw 28 March 2015.
  2. “Ook geroofd erfgoed moet je bestuderen”, Volkskrant 27 July 2015.
  3. Interview “IS beschouwt antiquiteiten als grondstof”, Volkskrant 12 October 2015.


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de Boer, R., 14 Dec 2017, In : Revue d'Assyriologie et d'Archeologie Orientale. 111, 1, p. 25-64 40 p.

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