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In 2012 Robert Jansen obtained his master’s degree in criminal law at the University of Groningen (cum laude). During his study he worked as a junior researcher and lecturer in substantive criminal law at the University of Groningen. As an intern he also worked at the Court of Appeal in Leeuwarden and at the Supreme Court of the Netherlands. He currently holds the position of lecturer/researcher at the VU. From January - May 2019 he was appointed as a visiting research fellow at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. The research activities of Robert focus on Dutch substantive criminal law, e.g. criminal law defenses, attempt, complicity, aiding and abetting, but also medical confidentiality. 

As from 2023 Robert works for the Dutch Ministry of Justice as senior policy advisor on police violence.


Robert conducts PhD research which focuses on prior fault (culpa in causa or actio libera in causa). When a person, through his own fault, has placed himself in a state that he has to rely on a criminal law defence (e.g. self-defence, insanity), the defence can be rejected. The project aims to develop a normative and legal framework on deciding on a defence in case of prior fault, by analysing case law and conducting comparative and doctrinal research. 

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  • actio libera in causa
  • culpa in causa
  • prior fault
  • intoxication
  • insanity
  • necessity
  • politiegeweld
  • self defence
  • materieel strafrecht
  • strafuitsluitingsgronden
  • eigen schuld
  • criminal defences
  • justified violence
  • violence by state officer


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