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Robert Larruina is born in Uruguay, between 2004 and 2017 he lived in Ireland & Italy. Currently, he is part of the department of Organization Sciences and conducts research within the Refugee Academy, Institute for Societal Resilience, at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.


Larruina is  interested in Refugee Reception and Integration in the Netherlands and the role that Civil Society  & Governmental Organizations play in these processes. Currently, he is focusing on the lessons learnt  from the 2015-2017 period & possible spaces for multi-stakeholders collaborative governance, as a resilient and sustainable platform model for migrant reception and integration. In these lines, he is doing research on the current Refugee Entrepreneurship Ecosystem (2018-2019) in the Netherlands. 




Program: Masters in Culture, Organization and Management

-Transnational Organizations in the Global World (teacher together with other members of the teaching staff)

-Culture and Identity in Organizations (teacher assistant)

-Sense Making in Organizations (teacher assistant)

-Thesis supervisor

Program: Master in Bestuur Communicatie en Organizatie

-Thesis supervisor

Program: Pre-Master’scourse in Culture Organization and Management

-Qualitative Research Methods (tutorial teacher)

-Scientific Writing (tutorial teacher)

-Organizational Culture and Change (teacher assistant)

-Field work and text work (tutorial teacher)

-Thesis supervisor (Old pre-Master’s course 2017)

Program: Bachelors in Public Administration and Organization (Bestuur & Organizatie)

-SS4S (Social Sciences for Society)- Diversity (tutorial teacher)

-SS4S (Social Sciences for Society)- Globalization(tutorial teacher)



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Organization Sciences, Master, Faculty of Social Sciences

Social Communication Sciences, Bachelor, Universidad de la Republica

Research Output 2016 2018

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