NWO Grant New Ways of Working and Human Capital Development



With the radical change from an industrial to a knowledge society comes the increased significance and autonomy of knowledge workers. Developments in technology and society have given rise to more openness in the processes and practices of these knowledge workers. Coordinating, learning and innovating are less constrained by organizational, geographical and cognitive boundaries. The challenge that organizations increasingly face is to combine this openness with integration across individual knowledge workers, units and areas of expertise, and counter inherent threats of fragmentation.

To address these and related challenges, Marleen Huysman together with some of her colleagues at the KIN Research group: Marlous Agterberg, Hans Berends, Bart van den Hooff, Philipp Tuertscher, and Maarten de Laat of the Open University, start this NWO funded 5 years research project entitled New Ways of Working and Human Capital Development.
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