Syrian Studies Association Prize for Outstanding Article on Syria (Honourable Mention)

Prize / Grant: PrizeAcademic


Honourable mention 2021

Pieter Coppens’ “A Silent uṣūl Revolution? Al-Qāsimī, iğtihād, and the Fundamentals of tafsīr,” MIDÉO no. 36 (2021): 21-61.


The article is a deeply researched investigation into a furious late nineteenth century debate among Damascene religious scholars.  The article is both a well-written and gripping account of late Ottoman intellectual life, and a learned exploration of a now-forgotten scholarly debates.  Coppens manages an article that is exciting to read, impressive in its research, and charmingly understated in its presentation.  It is a deeply rooted yet innovative masterpiece of intellectual history.

Degree of recognitionInternational
Granting OrganisationsSyrian Studies Association