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Key enabling technologies – KETs – are knowledge and capital-intensive technologies, pervasive and with a systemic relevance for all industrial and economic sectors. They are expected to have an impact on high quality jobs creation, life quality improvement and sustainable development. KETs have the potential to transform existing modes of production, and thus change relationships along the whole value chain of product development, between manufacturers, suppliers, businesses, users, policy makers, and citizens.

The SocKETs project aims to develop and use co-creation, as a form of collaborative innovation to develop shared new values, to shape KETs-based innovation towards the needs of all stakeholders and for the benefits of society.

Our three goals are:

Aligning the development of KETs-based innovations with societal values and needs.
Facilitating co-creation amongst industry representatives, researchers, authorities and policy makers, end-users, civil society representatives and citizens.
Developing innovative ideas for KETs-based innovation.
Develop and experiment co-creation methods and tools. Conduct six test cases across Europe on industrial automation, circular economy and e-health. Create an online toolbox that can help make technology development more inclusive regarding societal needs. Design living exhibitions based on a two-way dialogue with citizens. Propose innovation strategies and design solutions.

Athena’s role
Athena has conducted the preparatory research activities for creating an overview of the innovation ecosystems of the case studies areas. It will analyse the cultural conditions shaping co-creation and public engagement in KETs industry contexts. It will also monitor the case-studies/co-creation experiments with a reflexive evaluation process that will enable both learning and assessment. All-in-all, Athena is responsible for paving the way and providing all relevant prior knowledge needed to design and execute the engagement experiments.
Effective start/end date1/10/2030/09/23

Collaborative partners

  • Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (lead)
  • Italian Association for Industrial Research (Airi)
  • Danish Board of Technology Foundation
  • Danish Technological Institute


  • Societal Engagement
  • RRI
  • Industrial innovation
  • co-creation
  • Reflexive evaluation


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