Who's Next – Homelessness, Architecture, and Cities

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Interdisciplinary and multinational collaboration to research houselessness beyond the architectural build globally and prepare an exhibition on houselessness at the TU Munich, a lecture series, policy engagement and a publication.

Curator | Daniel Talesnik
Assistants | Ella Neumaier, Ilyas Kerem Yilmaz, Ann-Kathrin Gügel, Theresa Thanner, Anna-Maria Mayerhofer
Graphic Designer | Kathryn Gillmore
Exhibition Architecture | Carmen Wolf
Sponsors | PIN. Freunde der Pinakothek der Moderne e. V., Förderverein Architekturmuseum TU München e.V., BPR Dr. Schäpertöns Consult, Stiftung Obdachlosenhilfe Bayern, Bayerisches Staatsministerium für Familie, Arbeit und Soziales, BÜSCHL Unternehmensgruppe, Architektur Kultur Stiftung

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Layman's description

With the Coronavirus crisis, the urgency of homelessnesshas worsened worldwide. As a social group, the homeless are among the most vulnerable members of our societies. The exhibition not only analyzes central themes such as the visibility and invisibility of the homeless, but also the ambivalence of the reactions of the rest of society, which lie between repression and rejection. Homelessness is presented not as an individual tragedy, but as a problem of society that requires systemic solutions. In addition to an analysis of global statistics and their socio-political backgrounds, the current homelessness crisis in cities such as Tokyo, Mumbai, New York and Los Angeles will also be examined. In addition, the exhibition shows historical and contemporary architecture projects for the permanent reintegration of the homeless.
Short titleWho'se Next
Effective start/end date20/07/2220/10/22


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