An explorative perspective on the resilience in neighborhoods in the Netherlands

Rik Koolma, Catharina Frederika van Dreven

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In this contribution we intend to shed light on the social dimension of sustainability. Thereby, we follow adhere to the goals for sustainable development as issued by the United Nations. The majority of the goals concerns social topics in the national societies. We intend to research in what way resilience lead to social progress and, through that, to sustainability. The attainment of the goals is hindered by the phenomenon of negative spillover effects between countries. In addition, we assume the presence of intra-national spillover effects which means that advancements in some areas are accompanied by deteriorations in other parts of the country. The negative effects concentrate and accumulate disadvantages into distinct neighborhoods. Inhabitants who try to overcome the disadvantages can be fostered in their resilience by beneficial interventions and conditions. However, they will be faced with impeding interventions and conditions as well. A case in the Netherlands shows that by resilience inspired policy reforms rather inflict additional problems on disadvantaged inhabitants. A set of interviews with key persons sheds light on the question of how resilience in the neighborhoods could be fostered instead. It requires support of individuals who take the initiative to improve the living conditions of themselves and others. The processes need some guidance by professional workers who do relate to everyday live in the neighborhoods, and who build relationship op the basis of trust. In their situational work, they need to be enabled and backed by their superiors.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationSustainable Housing
EditorsAmjad Almusead, Asaad Almssad
ISBN (Electronic)9781839696497
ISBN (Print)9781839696480, 9781839696473
Publication statusPublished - Feb 2022

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NameIntechOpen Book Series


  • resilience
  • sustainable development goals
  • social ecology
  • trust
  • distrust
  • social comparison

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