An International Website Analysis of Companies' Reaction to the Corona Pandemic

Michael Konig, Martin Woerter

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The web addresses (URLs) of 872,773 companies obtained from, a private company specialized in business web
data, serve as the data basis for our analysis. We consider only
for-profit organizations and websites that are frequently updated.
We also dropped governmental organizations and the health care
sector (US SIC 2-digit codes larger than 80). The websites of the
companies are queried and downloaded using a web indexing algorithm.
The downloaded websites are then examined for variations
of the term "corona pandemic" and its synonyms. These keywords
have been translated in 10 languages.

Our approach allows an initial estimate of the proportion of
companies reporting on the Corona pandemic on their website.
We obtained 63,872 companies which mention Corona on their
websites (that is 7,32% of the total). We complement this
information with basic company characteristics such as the
company’s location and the industry in which it operates.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 2020


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