Comparing stage of change and behavioral intention to understand fruit intake.

E.W.M.L. de Vet, J. de Nooijer, N.K. de Vries, J. Brug

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We explored if the pre-action Transtheoretical stages of change are indeed discrete stages for fruit intakes. In a longitudinal design, a cohort of 735 adults completed electronic questionnaires assessing fruit intake, stages of change and intention to increase fruit intake at baseline and 35 and 67 days follow-up. A dichotomization of a continuous intention measure ('pseudostages') was compared with precontemplation and contemplation stages. The results showed (i) that pseudostages and stages of change were strongly associated; (ii) that for most respondents, stability and transitions in stages of change resembled transitions in pseudostage, while test-retest reliabilities for both measures were similar and (iii) that pseudostages and the continuous intention measure were stronger predictors of fruit intake than stage of change. We conclude that pre-action stages of change for fruit are not different from a mere categorization of a continuous intention measure. © The Author 2006. Published by Oxford University Press. All rights reserved.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)599-608
JournalHealth Education Research
Publication statusPublished - 2007


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