Conclusion: Coming to terms with Superdiversity?

M.R.J. Crul, Peter Scholten

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Our quest in this book was to unravel how the city of Rotterdam comes to terms with its superdiverse character. It speaks to the rapidly evolving literature on superdiversity by taking as the central case study a city that may be representative of a much broader range of cities in Europe (and beyond) that seem reluctant in coming to terms with superdiversity, and that are not ranked as global cities. The example of Rotterdam reveals the spectrum of contradictions and paradoxes that come along with this uncomfortable relationship with superdiversity. Rotterdam is both a city of inclusion, the first with a mayor of Moroccan descent, and a city of exclusion, with political discourses in the City Council that are exclusionary and sometimes outright discriminatory. The core question to be addressed in this concluding chapter is why in some cities, like Rotterdam, the transformation into a superdiverse city is more problematic and accompanied by political upheaval, while in other cities it seems to be a more smooth process. The term superdiversity is merely describing a certain reality that characterizes Rotterdam and is not used as a normative term. With this book, we want to contribute to the growing literature that is trying to explain under which conditions a superdiverse city or neighbourhood is perceived by its inhabitants as an overall positive configuration and under which conditions people perceive it as being a more negative phenomenon and it leads to a more negative discourse.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationComing to Terms with Superdiversity
Subtitle of host publicationThe Case of Rotterdam
EditorsMaurice Crul, Peter Scholten, Paul van Laar
PublisherSpringer Open
Number of pages10
ISBN (Electronic)9783319960418
ISBN (Print)9783319960401
Publication statusPublished - 2019

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NameImiscoe Research Series


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