Effect of pre-etching enamel on fatigue of self-etch adhesive bonds

R.L. Erickson, A.J. de Gee, A.J. Feilzer

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    Objective. A previous study found that the shear bond strength (SBS) to bovine enamel for the self-etching adhesive Adper Prompt-L-Pop (PLP) was 75% of that found with the etch-and-rinse material SingleBond, while the comparative value for the shear fatigue limit (SFL) was only 58% at 10(5) load cycles. Resin penetration into the enamel surface was substantially less for PLP but it was not conclusive that this was the reason for the lower results cited above. The objective of this study was to determine if pre-etching enamel would substantially improve the SBS and SFL of the PLP adhesive over those found in the previous study.
    Materials and methods. All test methods were the same as for the previous study SBS measurements were conducted for composite bonds to bovine enamel using a phosphoric acid pre-etch with the PLP adhesive (PLP-10) and for a conventional enamel-bonding adhesive (EB). Fatigue testing was done with the same test fixtures, load cycling at 2 Hz up to a maximum of 10(5) cycles at four selected peak load values between 35 and 60% of the respective bond strengths. Fatigue limits were determined from the data obtained. SEM analysis of resin penetration of the enamel surface was carried out for each adhesive.
    Results. A significantly greater SBS and SFL were found for EB (SBS: 30.4 MPa; SFL: 15.6 MPa) than for PLP-10 (SBS: 20.2 MPa; SFL: 9.9 MPa). Compared with previously found results, the pre-etching of enamel had no significant improvement in SBS and only slight improvement in SFL. Resin tag penetration of the enamel surface for PLP-10 was similar to that previously found for PLP alone, suggesting that the porosity created by phosphoric acid was effectively removed by the acidic PLP adhesive.
    Significance. Unlike some self-etching adhesives reported in the literature, pre-etching enamel did not improve the performance of the Prompt-L-Pop adhesive. (c) 2007 Academy of Dental Materials.
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    Pages (from-to)117-123
    JournalDental Materials
    Issue number1
    Publication statusPublished - 2008

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