Exploring the future of ecogenomics

A. Roelofsen

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Exploring the future of ecogenomics
Ecogenomics, the application of genomics techniques in the field of (soil) ecology is now emerging. While much attention is paid to genomics in the fields of food and health, few people are familiar with ecogenomics yet. When addressing the societal aspects of ecogenomics, the novelty of this field provides both opportunities and constraints. On the one hand it implies that many options are open for exploration and there are good possibilities for steering. On the other hand the opportunities are confined by this novelty because relatively little is known about the potential positive and negative societal effects.

Interactive approaches to science and technology development offer good possibilities for involving relevant stakeholders and addressing societal aspects. In this research project we develop and apply an interactive approach to the innovation processes in the field of ecogenomics that focuses on assessing societal aspects already in an early phase of technology development. As a first step in this approach, the future visions of the technology developers have been explored. In this presentation I will illustrate and discuss this process and end with some suggestions on how desirable futures for ecogenomics can subsequently be assessed from the perspectives of different stakeholders.
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Publication statusPublished - 2005
EventCorsage/GeNeYous International Benelux Winter Symposium "Society and Genomics: Chances for True Love?" -
Duration: 16 Dec 200516 Dec 2005


ConferenceCorsage/GeNeYous International Benelux Winter Symposium "Society and Genomics: Chances for True Love?"

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