Genome-wide association meta-analysis of human longevity identifies a novel locus conferring survival beyond 90 years of age

J. Deelen, M. Beekman, H.W. Uh, L. Broer, K.L. Ayers, Q. Tan, Y. Kamatani, A.M. Bennet, R. Tamm, S. Trompet, D.F. Gudbjartsson, F. Flachsbart, G. Rose, A. Viktorin, K. Fischer, M. Nygaard, H.J. Cordell, P. Crocco, E.B. van den Akker, S. BöhringerQ. Helmer, C.P. Nelson, G.I. Saunders, M. Alver, K. Andersen-Ranberg, M.E. Breen, R. van der Breggen, A. Caliebe, M. Capri, E. Cevenini, J.C. Collerton, S. Dato, K. Davies, I. Ford, J. Gampe, P. Garagnani, E.J.C. de Geus, J. Harrow, D. van Heemst, B.T. Heijmans, F.A. Heinsen, J.J. Hottenga, A. Hofman, B. Jeune, P.V. Jonsson, M. Lathrop, D. Lechner, C. Martin-Ruiz, S.E. McNerlan, E. Mihailov, A. Montesanto, S.P. Mooijaart, A. Murphy, E.A. Nohr, L. Paternoster, I. Postmus, F. Rivadeneira, O.A. Ross, S. Salvioli, N. Sattar, S Schreiber, H. Stefansson, D.J. Stott, H. Tiemeier, A.G. Uitterlinden, R.G.J. Westendorp, G. Willemsen, N.J. Samani, P. Galan, T.I.A. Sørensen, D.I. Boomsma, J.W. Jukema, I. Maeve Rea, G. Passarino, A.J. de Craen, K. Christensen, A. Nebel, K. Stefansson, A. Metspalu, P. Magnusson, H. Blanché, L. Christiansen, T.B.L. Kirkwood, C.M. van Duijn, C. Franceschi, J.J. Houwing-Duistermaat, P.E. Slagboom

Research output: Contribution to JournalArticleAcademicpeer-review


The genetic contribution to the variation in human lifespan is ~25%. Despite the large number of identified disease-susceptibility loci, it is not known which loci influence population mortality. We performed a genome-wide association meta-analysis of 7729 long-lived individuals of European descent (≥85 years) and 16 121 younger controls (<65 years) followed by replication in an additional set of 13 060 long-lived individuals and 61 156 controls. In addition, we performed a subset analysis in cases aged ≥90 years. We observed genomewide significant association with longevity, as reflected by survival to ages beyond 90 years, at a novel locus, rs2149954, on chromosome 5q33.3 (OR =1.10, P = 1.74 × 10
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)4420-4432
Number of pages13
JournalHuman Molecular Genetics
Issue number16
Publication statusPublished - 2014

Cohort Studies

  • Netherlands Twin Register (NTR)


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