Green infrastructure as a regional climate change adaptation strategy for dispersal-limited species

J.P. Hilbers, C.C. Vos, A.J.A. van Teeffelen

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    Green Infrastructure has been frequently named as a strategy for making ecological networks robust against climate change. In the CARE Project (Climate Adaptation for Rural arEas, part of the Dutch Knowledge for Climate Programme), we seek integral adaptation strategies, to cope with climate change from the perspective of agriculture, water management and biodiversity simultaneously, at a regional level. Green (and blue) infrastructure has the potential to provide multiple benefits in this context. For example, it could provide habitat for species, reduce nutrient runoff from fields, improve natural pest control and increase the water retention capacity of the landscape. However, knowledge gaps exist with respect to the design of green infrastructure (in terms of amount and density for example), to bring these benefits about. In this study we first assess the biodiversity benefits in relation to design criteria for green infrastructure. Using the Great Crested Newt (Triturus cristatus) as one of our model species, we ask to what extent green infrastructure improves the capacity of species to cope with effects of climate change (i.e. increasing frequency of weather extremes and spatial shifts in climate suitability). We developed multiple landscape scenarios for a case study area in the east of the Netherlands, varying the amount and location of green infrastructure. Next we assessed the viability of species in these different landscapes, under three scenarios of climate change, using a population dynamic simulation model. The model will also be applied to other species that differ in area requirements, dispersal capacity and habitat fidelity during dispersal. The outcomes lead to design criteria of green infrastructure for a range of species living in multifunctional landscapes.
    Original languageEnglish
    Publication statusPublished - 2013
    EventEuropean Climate Change Adaptation Conference - Hamburg
    Duration: 19 Mar 201319 Mar 2013


    ConferenceEuropean Climate Change Adaptation Conference

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    Place of publication: Hamburg


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