How to build a Caredroid

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There is a world to be gained with the establishment of a new industrial sector for robotic assistance in the care domain. How to Build a Caredroid is a signpost to its opportunities. Caredroids are humanoid systems that assist patients and caregivers in their duties and needs, simulating emotions, doing ethical reasoning, creative thinking, and capable of distinguishing reality from mental delusion. Not only on the side of robot sensing and the interpretation of incoming data this new industrial effort is much sought after; also in the area of interface design, the palette of expressive possibilities that the robot should have at its disposal - from communication design to facial animations - vast stretches of uncharted territory are waiting to be exploited by new entrepreneurs. From computer programmers to social workers, the instigation of a Caredroid industry will create new high-value employment. How to Build a Caredroid is written for those who are not necessarily academics but do want to inform their designs of product-service systems in the care domain with scientific research. This research is performed in the SELEMCA project (Services of Electro-Mechanical Care Agencies) under the supervision of the CRISP national platform (Creative Industry Scientific Programme) and sustained by the Ministry of Education, Culture, and Science. How to Build a Caredroid provides a completely new vision on care, taking the chill out of technology, making it an integral part of someone's life without being intrusive, becoming your life-long PAL, a Personal Avatar for Life (and thereafter). Robots are not taking over; they are taking care... of us.
Original languageEnglish
Place of PublicationDelft, NL
PublisherTU Delft Library
ISBN (Print)9789461862402
Publication statusPublished - 2013


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