Interreligious Relations and the Negotiation of Ritual Boundaries: Explorations of Interrituality

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This volume explores the ways in which interreligious encounters happen ritually. Drawing upon theology, philosophy, political sciences, anthropology, sociology, and liturgical studies, the contributors examine different concrete cases of interrituality. After an introductory chapter explaining the phenomenon of interrituality, readers learn about government-sponsored public events in Spain, the ritual life of mixed families in China and the UK. We meet Buddhist and Christian monks in Kentucky and are introduced to rituals of protest in Jerusalem. Other chapters take us to shared pilgrimage sites in the Mediterranean and explore the ritual challenges of Israeli tour guides of Christian pilgrims. The authors challenges readers to consider scriptural reasoning as a liturgical practice and to inquire into the (in)felicitous nature of rituals of reconciliation. This volume demonstrates the importance of understanding the many contexts in which interrituality happens and shows how ritual boundaries are perpetually under negotiation.
Original languageEnglish
PublisherPalgrave / MacMillan
Number of pages297
ISBN (Electronic)9783030057015
ISBN (Print)9783030057008
Publication statusPublished - 2019

Publication series

NameInterreligious Studies in Theory and Practice book series (INSTTP)


  • Ritual
  • interreligious dialogue
  • interfaith studies
  • interrituality


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