Parallel scanning laser ophthalmoscope for retinal imaging

K.V. Vienola, Mathivanan Damodaran, Boy Braaf, Mattijs de Groot, Koenraad Vermeer, Johannes F. de Boer

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High-speed imaging of the retina is crucial for obtaining high quality images in the presence of eye motion. To improve the speed of traditional scanners, a high-speed ophthalmic device is presented using a digital micro-mirror device (DMD) for confocal imaging with multiple simultaneous spots.

An experimental ophthalmic imaging system was constructed based on an 850 nm LED and a DMD containing 1024 x 768 micro-mirrors. Single mirror elements are sparsely turned ON to create multiple spots over the whole field of view. The DMD is programmed to project series of shifted point pattern configurations, effectively scanning the spots over the sample surface. The backscattered light from the retina is tapped off via a beam-splitter and imaged onto a CMOS camera. A confocal image is constructed by applying an image mask of virtual pinholes to each recorded frame. A wide-field confocal image is then created by combining all frames in a single image.

In the figure a dollar note was imaged with all mirrors ON (widefield) and with multiple spots configuration (every 100th mirror ON). In widefield mode light is detected from different planes above and below the focal plane. When using multiple spots and virtual pinholes, only light from the focal plane is detected. The image on the right shows clearly the microstructure of the bank note.

It is possible to create confocal images with the PSLO system. In theory the DMD can achieve higher frame rates than traditional scanner-based systems (> 2 kHz) by illuminating the sample with multiple spots.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages1
Publication statusPublished - 7 Mar 2014
EventVU University Medical Center 8th Science Exchange Day - VU University Medical Center , Amsterdam, Netherlands
Duration: 7 Mar 20147 Mar 2014


ConferenceVU University Medical Center 8th Science Exchange Day
Abbreviated titleVUmc SED 2014


  • retinal imaging
  • ophthalmic imaging
  • digital micromirror device
  • retina


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