Policy Report for NEMS Enhancement

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This policy report discusses aspects of health, safety, environment and pollution related to small scale gold mining, the social and economic sustainability of the mining activities, and the role of Environmental Management Systems in reaching better results in these terrains. Specifically it will go into the potential of the NEMS (Nana Resources Environmental Management System) program in the Nana Resources N.V. concession in Southeast Suriname.
It follows on the 1st report in which an evaluation of NEMS 1 was made. Two weeks of additional fieldwork were carried out in the concession by the research team consisting of project coordinator Nana Resources director Michael Naarendorp (logistics), Nana Resources Mavis Leter (health and safety), two NEMS inspectors-in-training, and consultant Marjo de Theije (research and report).
This report departs from the analysis of World bank and UNIDO (Global Mercury Project) documents, the Sparman/WWF-IADB report on Mining Codes of Practice for Suriname Gold Miners Association, and a selection of other scholarly literature with respect to small scale gold mining, sustainable mining and environmental management in small scale gold mining.
In this policy report the goal of (N)EMS will be restated and the practical form of NEMS in the concession is discussed. In the evaluation report several points of attention were already selected. Now other aspects should be added, such as the notion of stability in terms of work place and investments in the camps and pits, and ideas of responsibility for the environment. The evaluation was based on visits to camps that had been included in the NEMS project in the past year. In the second phase of this research other camps were also visited (to a total of 50 camps) and this revealed that the NEMS rules are much less followed than was concluded on the basis of the evaluation.
Original languageEnglish
Place of PublicationParamaribo
PublisherIADB (Inter-American Development Bank)
Publication statusPublished - 2010


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