Proceedings of Patient Reported Outcome Measure’s (PROMs) Conference Oxford 2017: Advances in Patient Reported Outcomes Research

Galina Velikova, Jose M. Valderas, Caroline Potter, Laurie Batchelder, Christine A’Court, Matthew Baker, Jennifer Bostock, Angela Coulter, Ray Fitzpatrick, Julien Forder, Diane Fox, Louise Geneen, Elizabeth Gibbons, Crispin Jenkinson, Karen Jones, Laura Kelly, Michele Peters, Brendan Mulhern, Alexander Labeit, Donna RowenKeith Meadows, Jackie Elliott, John E. Brazier, Emma Knowles, Anju Keetharuth, John E. Brazier, Janice Connell, Jill Carlton, Lizzie Taylor Buck, Thomas Ricketts, Michael Barkham, Pushpendra Goswami, Sam Salek, Tatyana Ionova, Esther Oliva, Adele K. Fielding, Marina Karakantza, Saad Al-Ismail, Graham P. Collins, Stewart McConnell, Catherine Langton, Daniel M. Jennings, Roger Else, Jonathan Kell, Helen Ward, Sophie Day, Elizabeth Lumley, Patrick Phillips, Rosie Duncan, Helen Buckley-Woods, Ahmed Aber, Gerogina Jones, Jonathan Michaels, Ian Porter, Jaheeda Gangannagaripalli, Antoinette Davey, Ignacio Ricci-Cabello, Kirstie Haywood, Stine Thestrup Hansen, Jose Valderas, Deb Roberts, Anil Gumber, Bélène Podmore, Andrew Hutchings, Jan van der Meulen, Ajay Aggarwal, Sujith Konan, Andrew Price, William Jackson, Nick Bottomley, Michael Philiips, Toby Knightley-Day, David Beard, Elizabeth Gibbons, Ray Fitzpatrick, Joanne Greenhalgh, Kate Gooding, Elizabeth Gibbons, Chema Valderas, Judy Wright, Sonia Dalkin, David Meads, Nick Black, Carol Fawkes, Robert Froud, Dawn Carnes, Andrew Price, Jonathan Cook, Helen Dakin, James Smith, Sujin Kang, David Beard, Catrin Griffiths, Ella Guest, Diana Harcourt, Mairead Murphy, Sandra Hollinghurst, Chris Salisbury, Jill Carlton, Jackie Elliott, Donna Rowen, Anqi Gao, Andrew Price, David Beard, Agnieszka Lemanska, Tao Chen, David P. Dearnaley, Rajesh Jena, Matthew Sydes, Sara Faithfull, A. E. Ades, Daphne Kounali, Guobing Lu, Ines Rombach, Alastair Gray, Crispin Jenkinson, Oliver Rivero-Arias, Patricia Holch, Marie Holmes, Zoe Rodgers, Sarah Dickinson, Beverly Clayton, Susan Davidson, Jacqui Routledge, Julia Glennon, Ann M. Henry, Kevin Franks, Galina Velikova, Roma Maguire, Lisa McCann, Teresa Young, Jo Armes, Jenny Harris, Christine Miaskowski, Grigorios Kotronoulas, Morven Miller, Emma Ream, Elizabeth Patiraki, Alexander Geiger, Geir V. Berg, Adrian Flowerday, Peter Donnan, Paul McCrone, Kathi Apostolidis, Patricia Fox, Eileen Furlong, Nora Kearney, Chris Gibbons, Felix Fischer, Chris Gibbons, Joel Coste, Jose Valderas Martinez, Matthias Rose, Alain Leplege, Sarah Shingler, Natalie Aldhouse, Tamara Al-Zubeidi, Andrew Trigg, Helen Kitchen, Antoinette Davey, Ian Porter, Colin Green, Jose M. Valderas, Joanna Coast, Sarah Smith, Jolijn Hendriks, Nick Black, Koonal Shah, Oliver Rivero-Arias, Juan-Manuel Ramos-Goni, Simone Kreimeier, Mike Herdman, Nancy Devlin, Aureliano Paolo Finch, John E. Brazier, Clara Mukuria, Bernarda Zamora, David Parkin, Yan Feng, Andrew Bateman, Mike Herdman, Nancy Devlin, Thomas Patton, Nils Gutacker, Koonal Shah

Research output: Contribution to JournalArticleAcademicpeer-review


The proceedings contain 36 papers. The topics discussed include: using patient reported outcome measures (PROMs) in cancer care; validation of the long-term conditions questionnaire (LTCQ) in a diverse sample of health and social care users in England; the national institutes of health patient-reported outcomes measurement information system (PROMIS): a view from the UK; constructing and validating the short recovering quality of life (ReQoL) measure for use in a mental health population; developing preference based measures for diabetes for calculating QALYs: DHP-3D and DHP-5D; development of a novel patient reported outcome measure for patients with haematological malignancy: a qualitative study; and examining the relevance of PROMs to patients: a review of qualitative data capturing which HRQoL domains are important to patients.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)185
Number of pages1
JournalHealth and Quality of Life Outcomes
Issue numberS1
Publication statusPublished - 5 Oct 2017


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