Process-Oriented Organization Modeling and Analysis Based on Constraints

V. Popova, A. Sharpanskykh

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This paper presents a formal framework for process-oriented modeling and analysis of organizations. The high expressivity of a sorted predicate logic language Lpr used for specification allows representing a wide range of process-related concepts (e.g., tasks, processes, resources), their characteristics and relations over them, which are described in the paper. Furthermore, every organization is characterized by a set of structural and behavioral constraints, which are classified in this paper. In the proposed framework these constraints form a logical theory Tpr in Lpr, i.e. a set of formulae in Lpr. A process-oriented model is correct iff it satisfies Tpr. The techniques for establishing correctness are implemented and described in the paper. The introduced framework is a part of a general framework for organization modeling and analysis.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 2006

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