Religie en het maatschappelijke midden in Nederland

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The civic core is the part of the population that is responsible for a disproportionately
large part of civic participation. This paper shows how the level of activity and
the composition of the civic core have changed in the Netherlands between 1997 and
2009 using data from the Giving in the Netherlands Survey. The results show that
– despite ongoing secularization – the civic core in the Netherlands is increasingly
religious. At the same time, the prevalence of higher educated individuals in the
civic core has diminished. Engagement in charitable giving is increasingly related
to engagement in volunteering. In sum, the increasing concentration of activity in
the civic core is especially visible among religious persons and volunteers.
Original languageDutch
Pages (from-to)136-158
Number of pages23
JournalReligie en samenleving
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 2013

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