Schriftuur, natuur en cultuur: Over de noodzaak van hermeneutische regels

Translated title of the contribution: Scripture, Nature and Culture: The Need for Hermeneutical Rules

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Hermeneutical controversies often have to do with the tension between the text of the Bible on the one hand and what can be called ‘general revelation’ and ‘contextuality’ on the other hand. This article reflects on both tensions, argues for a positive-critical hermeneutical attitude towards nature – as created by God – and culture. Hermeneutical rules should not lead to a rationalist objectivation of Scripture, but still are necessary to avoid arbitrariness in explaining and applying Scripture today.
Translated title of the contributionScripture, Nature and Culture: The Need for Hermeneutical Rules
Original languageDutch
Article number5
Pages (from-to)169-175
Number of pages7
JournalTheologia Reformata
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - 1 Jun 2020


  • Biblical hermeneutics
  • Contextual interpretation
  • General revelation


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