SlideWiki microservice architecture for collaborative online system development

K.A. de Graaf, A. Khalili

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SlideWiki is an online system for supporting educators and students
in collaborative use of OpenCourseWare (OCW). We combine state
of the art feature development and academic research to achieve this.
Our online, distributed, and open source development of SlideWiki
in an academic and multidisciplinary context introduces challenges
related to separation of concerns, community development, the co-
ordination of geographical distributed researchers and developers,
and the variety of preferred and necessary programming languages
and run-time environments. We present the SlideWiki microservice
architecture that we use for collaborative online system develop-
ment, and discuss how it alleviates above challenges. Our study
exemplies how a microservice architecture can alleviate challenges
in developing and maintaining large-scale socio-technical systems
in other academic, open source, multidisciplinary, online, and geo-
graphically distributed contexts.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 30 May 2018
Event10th ACM Conference on Web Science, WebSci 2018 - Amsterdam, Netherlands
Duration: 27 May 201830 May 2018


Conference10th ACM Conference on Web Science, WebSci 2018


  • MicroserviceArchitecture,OnlineCollaboration,DistributedDevelopment,Webdevelopment,OpenCourseWareplatform


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