Technology, agency, critique: An interview with Claudia Aradau

C. Aradau, M. Hoijtink, M. Leese

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The chapter shows what the effects of those constellations are CAA critical analysis of technology emerges through the diagnosis of effects, particularly as socio-technical assemblages, and unpacking the specific relations through which agency emerges. It is interesting to engage with laboratories and the production of technology and to revisit what counts as a laboratory. It is important to do transversal analyses, to move outside of the laboratory. An ethics which inscribes particular universal rights in the technology design does not only decontextualize the subjects of technologies, but it imagines a universal and non-situated subject of technology. The chapter develops in Science and Technology Studies (STS) and New Materialism and the turn towards these literatures in International Relations (IR), and to study the question of agency more specifically with regard to IR and technology.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationTechnology and Agency in International Relations
EditorsMarijn Hoijtink, Matthias Leese
Number of pages16
ISBN (Electronic)9780429463143
ISBN (Print)9781138615397, 9781032093000
Publication statusPublished - Apr 2019

Publication series

NameEmerging Technologies, Ethics and International Affairs


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