The Future of Creation Order: Vol. 1, Philosophical, Scientific, and Religious Perspectives on Order and Emergence

G. Glas (Editor), G.J. de Ridder (Editor)

Research output: Book / ReportBook (Editorship) Academic


This work provides an overview of attempts to assess the current condition of the concept of creation order within reformational philosophy compared to other perspectives. Focusing on the natural and life sciences, and theology, this first volume of two examines the arguments for and against the beauty, coherence and order shown in the natural world being related to the will or nature of a Creator. It examines the decay of a Deist universe, and the idea of the pre-givenness of norms, laws and structures as challenged by evolutionary theory and social philosophy. It describes the different responses to the collapse of order: that given by Christian philosophy scholars who still argue for the idea of a pre-given world order, and that of other scholars who see this idea of stable creation order and/or natural law as redundant and in need of a thorough rethinking. It studies the particular role that reformational philosophy has played in the discussion. It shows how, ever since its inception, almost a century ago, the concepts of order and law (principle, structure) have been at the heart of this philosophy, and that one way to characterise this tradition is as a philosophy of creation order. Reformational philosophers have maintained the notion of law as ‘holding’ for reality. This book discusses the questions that have arisen about the nature of such law: is it a religious or philosophical concept; does law just mean ‘orderliness’? How does it relate to laws of nature? Have they always existed or do they ‘emerge’ during the process of evolution?

Original languageEnglish
PublisherSpringer International Publishing AG
Number of pages355
ISBN (Electronic)9783319708812
ISBN (Print)9783319708805
Publication statusPublished - Jan 2018

Publication series

NameNew Approaches to the Scientific Study of Religion
ISSN (Print)2367-3494


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