The Good Cause. Theoretical Perspectives on Corruption

G. de Graaf (Editor), P. von Maravić (Editor), F.P. Wagenaar (Editor)

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From conceptualization to ideas on practical policy recommendations, The Good Cause presents a state-of-the-art study on the causes of corruption. A cohort of internationally-recognized researchers from the various academic fields that study corruption come together to explain their different theoretical perspectives and offer an introduction to corruption theory. The Good Cause integrates research to date, delves into the dilemmas within theoretically framing and empirically studying corruption, and gives direction to future research. Understanding different theoretical perspectives illuminates new viewpoints on an important social phenomenon and the spectrum of possibilities available to us in treating it analytically and practically.

'Those of us concerned with problems of public integrity are better off now that we have a clear, thorough analysis of the principles guiding discourse and action on corruption. So many have either ignored the challenge of understanding corruption or have failed trying to grasp its complexity that it is startling to read a book that takes the challenge head on and succeeds chapter by chapter. Each analytic approach, represented by a first rate scholar, is connected to the overall mission of presenting an accessible, sophisticated review of corruption and the ideal of honesty in governance. This book is an invaluable asset to scholars and practitioners alike.'
Prof. Frank Anechiarico, Maynard-Knox Professor of Government and Law, Hamilton College, New York

‘After a generation of renewed effort against corruption it is time to step back and reconsider the big picture. This book gives us a challenging view of the emergence of key concepts of corruption and reform, of new perspectives on the origins of corruption problems and the nature of change, and of ways in which we need to adapt familiar ideas to new knowledge and circumstances. It will stimulate important conversations among refomers and scholars alike.’
Prof. Michael Johnston, Charles A. Dana Professor of Political Science, Colgate University; author of ‘Syndroms of Corruption’ and co-editor of ‘Political Corruption: Concepts and Contexts’

’This book brings together world experts to discuss the complex nature of corruption that undermines the legitimacy, performance, and credibility of all institutions. The emphasis is on the impact of corruption on public policy, law, and administration. The contributors investigate why corruption has persisted throughout history and why it is so difficult to combat.’
Prof. Gerald E. Caiden, University of Southern California, School of Policy, Planning, and Debelopment; author of ‘Where Corruption Lives’
Original languageEnglish
Place of PublicationOpladen
PublisherBarbara Budrich Publishers
Number of pages204
ISBN (Print)9783866492639
Publication statusPublished - 2010


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