The societally entrepreneurial university

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In this chapter we engage with the notion of the entrepreneurial university, in particular with its newly adopted ambition to explicitly contribute to social and societal change (the ‘societally entrepreneurial university’). We do so against the backdrop of the delicate situation in which many (European) universities currently find themselves, and discuss ways to imply and involve society, vis-à-vis universities’ perceived relevance. We argue how such a concept as ‘community service learning’ does not suffice, and may make universities run straight back into the trap they are seemingly trying to avoid. Accordingly, we propose an affirmatively critical approach, in which raising critical questions goes hand in hand with possibilities to bring about social and societal change. This entails an interventionist agenda, with an emphasis on reflexivity, to alter current-day problematic practices, and to re-turn to the important functions universities have always had.

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