Thermal regime of Cryosols and underlying permafrost in North Yakutia in the context of global climate change

V. E. Ostroumov, D. G. Fedorov-Davydov*, A. L. Kholodov, V. A. Sorokovikov, G. N. Kraev, A. V. Lupachev, A. A. Veremeeva, S. P. Davydov, A. I. Davydova, I. I. Eremin, D. Yu Kropachev

*Corresponding author for this work

Research output: Contribution to JournalArticleAcademicpeer-review


The warming and an increase in the amount of solid precipitation, which became apparent in North Yakutia on the threshold of the 21st century, have led to an increase of soil temperature in winter season and of the permafrost. The heat fluxes measured in the taiga soil on the Kolyma Lowland reveal an imbalance in the annual heat gain and loss in the cryogenic ecosystem amounting to 26.3-56.1% of the incoming energy. An increase in the summer air temperatures of the 2000th caused a universal increase in the depth of seasonal soil thawing. After the drop in high summer temperatures, the active layer thickness (ALT) either continued to grow or stabilized at higher levels in the watershed ecosystems of the Kolyma Lowland; however, ALT returned to its initial values in the tundra of the Yana-Indigirka Lowland. As for the floodplain landscapes, ALT increased near-linearly over the 24 years of monitoring. The waterlogged tundra and taiga soils as well as the upland gleyzem of the Bykovsky Peninsula differed only by a temporary increase in the thawing depth. The degree of the soil and permafrost thermal regime transformation tends to increase from west to east, fitting the heterogeneity of climate changes.

Original languageEnglish
Article number012045
Pages (from-to)1-10
Number of pages10
JournalIOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science
Publication statusPublished - 18 Oct 2021
Event8th Congress of the Dokuchaev Soil Science Society - Syktyvkar, Russian Federation
Duration: 19 Jul 202124 Jul 2021

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The work was supported by the governmental tasks (0191-2019-0044 and AAAA-A19-119030790003-1), TSP and CALM international programs, and Russian Foundation for Basic Research (projects nos. 20-05-00559A and 19-05-00071A).

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